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Please see below for a list of frequently asked questions regarding a variety of products and helpful solutions for some problems you may have.  


- How do I add a card reader to an older vending machine model?

What if I lost my key to my machine or purchased a machine without a key?

What research should I do before buying a vending machine?

- How do I remove my Dixie Narco Bev picker cup?

How do I unjam my CPI/MEI/Mars validator's bill path?

- How does an "Advanced Replacement" work?

- Is there a hopper that works with both older and newer American Changer boards?

- How do I select to locally pick up my parts when I checkout?

- What if I am an international customer?

What are important considerations when replacing a control board?

How do I determine if a MEI/Mars Series 2000 validator can be updated to 2008 $5s?

How do I update my machine to MDB?

What are my options for replacing a Rowe BA50?

What is involved when swapping the acceptor or acceptor lid on a Mars TRC 6000/6800H/6010 coin changer?

How do I fix a 2-blink error on a Mars/MEI validator?

What if all desired bill denominations are not accepted by a bill acceptor?

Can I let my components sit idle?

What research should I do before buying a used dollar bill changer?

Will installing this part fix my machine?

What is involved with a common carrier truck delivery?

Is it beneficial to have a technician assist with parts and repairs?

What causes a bill validator to not pull bills into a dollar bill changer?

What causes a bill validator to not pull bills into a vending machine?

Why is it important to know how to set a card reader’s attributes?

Will sales tax be charged for parts?

What are the advantages of updating a dollar bill changer with American Changer components?

How do I install a credit card reader into an American Changer with an old style board?

Is there a risk to installing electronic parts without the proper training?

- Do you offer expedited shipping or drop shipping in the United States?

What if the LED is not lit on a Coinco logic changer?

Why are service records of a machine so important?

How do I contact the manufacturer of my validator?

Can only a card reader be installed in a MDB vending machine?

Why is my validator not accepting all possible denominations?

How do I receive my downloadable document after purchase?

Where can I locate a tracking number for an online order?

Do you offer manuals and parts for antique and out-of-production machines?

Tech Support

Hiring a Technician

Benefits of Having a Technician

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- Validator Dip Switch Configurations for a Capital Vending Kit

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