What is involved when swapping the acceptor or acceptor lid on a Mars TRC 6000/6800H/6010 coin changer?

There are plenty of videos on Google to explain this procedure.


The acceptor is available in both 24VAC and 115VAC versions. These versions cannot be interchanged. The model TRC6000 and TRC6800 changers use the 115VAC version. A model TRC6010/TRC6010XV requires a 24VAC acceptor.

Prior to installing the replacement acceptor, confirm that the replacement acceptor is the correct version. The wire pair is visible at the bottom of the acceptor. The 115VAC acceptor has red and black wires and the 24VAC acceptor has white and black wires.

In the event the replacement acceptor does not accept any or all coin values (occurs about 30% of the time), it will need to be tuned to the changer.


When a lid is replaced, the acceptor usually needs to be tuned to work correctly. The same lids work in both 115VAC and 24VAC changers because they are not voltage dependent.