Vending Machine LED Lighting Kits

In the event you purchased a LED strip for the wrong machine model, it can still be installed. The harness supplied has a connector for a specific model of machine. The connector can be cut off and connected to the 120VAC in the machine. The power must be off. The wiring diagram of the machine will show the best possible place to splice the wires.

Our comprehensive range covers various manufacturers, including Automatic Products, AMS, Dixie Narco, Lektro Vend, Rowe, Royal Vendors, GPL, RPD, Polyvend, Savamco, and Selectivend - USI. We also offer LED strips for cigarette machines, games, jukeboxes, and ATMs. Upgrade your machines with our energy-efficient and vibrant LED lighting solutions.

With easy installation and durable performance, our LED light strips are the perfect choice for transforming your vending machines into captivating displays. Browse our collection today and elevate the visual appeal of your vending equipment with our top-notch Vending Machine LED Lighting Kits.

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