Why is it important to know how to set a card reader’s attributes?

When a card reader made by Nayax or Cantaloupe/USA Technologies is installed, the attributes may need to be programmed so it will work as intended. Setting the welcome message, cash reporting, fraud controls, time out, and notification schedules will help your business operate more smoothly.

If you are not yet familiar with setting the attributes on a telemeter, it is recommended that you work with a local technician. They should know how to property set the attributes for your type of machine. If your local technician is busy and you need the telemeter programmed quickly, Capital Vending employees may be able to help. If you will only be operating a few units, it may be best to have a local technician set them up, due to the learning curve. For more information, click HERE. If the telemeter was not purchased form Capital Vending, the business where it was purchased should be able to help as well.

Setting the attributes for some vending machines can be difficult and will need to be set based upon your machine model.

If you need to set the attributes for a dollar bill token changer, timer, or arcade game kit made by Capital Vending, there are instructions included to assist your technician with the programming.

Tip: If you already have the same model of card reader installed on the same model of machine that is working as needed, then the attributes can simply be copied.