What causes a bill validator to not pull bills into a dollar bill changer?

When a replacement bill validator that is programmed and set-up correctly does not attempt to pull in bills, the issue is easy to find and resolve. The control board in the bill changer will offer codes that will interpret the problem. If the machine has a replacement control board made by Capital Vending, the status code legend is on control board enclosure. If the issue is related only to the validator, the status codes of the validator will help you determine the reason.

Newer bill validators have a LED that indicates the status of the unit. By matching the number of blinks to the trouble codes, you or your technician will be able to easily determine why the bills are not being accepted. Review the owner’s manual of the dollar bill changer and the manual for the bill validator to confirm that both are programmed properly.

If the replacement bill validator has dip switches, the configuration should match the previously working unit. Newer bill validators may require coupon programming. 

If there are two or more hoppers in the changer, reprogram the changer so only one hopper is utilized. If the changer is made by American Changer or Standard Change Makers, the hoppers can be swapped to the active platform but must be the identical model hopper. For Rowe changers, you will need to reprogram the board to use different motors. This will allow you to use the process of elimination to determine if a hopper or motor is causing the changer to stop taking bills.

If your dollar bill changer stops taking bills, you should be able to replicate the failure. Replicating the failure allows a service center to give advice on what needs to be done to fix the problem. If you are unable to replicate the problem, then a good way to determine the problem is to install good workings components into the changer. Having spare parts on hand is very important for making efficient repairs. Reliable information is important when making repairs. Bring a computer with internet access to download manuals or the printed manual when making this type of repair.