What if I lost my key to my machine or purchased a machine without a key?

If you have lost the tubular key or purchased a machine without a key, there are a few options. It is not possible for either a company that sells parts or a locksmith to determine the key type by merely providing the serial number of the machine.

If you know the key code, it may be possible to buy replacement tubular keys. If the machine was purchased from a distributor, they should have a record of the key code. If the lock in the machine is older, (from the 1980s and prior) the key code may be printed on the front of the lock. The coded keys Capital offers that are cut to code are found HERE. 

If you are unable to determine the code, the tubular lock can be drilled or picked. Either a local locksmith, the distributor that sold you the machine, or a vending service professional may be able to pick or drill open the lock.  A specially-designed drill bit can be utilized to drill tubular locks if you are unable to find a locksmith to do the work. This tool and its information are found HERE. 

When buying a new lock, it is possible to buy them with multiple keys. We recommend this because the cost for extra keys is inexpensive when purchased with a new lock. Tubular locks with multiple keys are found HERE.