MDB Module Kit Information

It is possible to update older vending machine models that are originally equipped with a 12 or 15 pin dumb mech changer. This is accomplished by using a module kit that plugs into the original changer socket. The interface output of the kit is MDB. This allows for NFC card readers, Pay Range, MDB changers, and MDB validators to be installed. 

We offer two versions of the MDB module kits –with DEX sales data and without. The DEX data will report cash sales and does not include sales by columns. This is not possible on older vending machine models, unless the control board is replaced. Replacing the control board is possible but the process is more expensive and time consuming than using the module kit.

Since the interface kit will occupy the socket, a MDB changer must be installed. Our quote will be for a version that uses slides to dispense the coins as we do not advise use of an MDB changer that uses solenoids. These older machines would typically use older style pulse interface validators which can remain in place or be updated to a newer MDB model validator.

The average cost for the components needed for the update are as follows:

- MDB module interface kit at $199.99

- Refurbished Mars MDB coin changer with 4 tubes at $150.00

- Card and NFC kit at $299.99

A MDB validator is not always needed. The cost for a refurbished MEI Series 2000 is $199.05

If you have not installed a card reader and are not familiar with replacing vending components, we offer an Assist Service.  If you have utilized a local tech to repair your vending machine in the past, they may be able to help if needed.

If you need more information, please let us know the make and model of your machine(s) and we can provide more specific details.