What are my options for replacing a Rowe BA50?

At this point in time, the Rowe BA50 is an outdated bill acceptor. It only accepts bills in one direction, it is often difficult and expensive to repair, and some new parts needed for repair are no longer available. Since these acceptors were designed long ago, their reliability is not nearly as good as a new bill validator. New bill validators/acceptors offer 4-way acceptance, a higher bill acceptance rate, and have a much lower ownership cost.

It is recommended that the Rowe BA50 should be replaced with a bill validator made by Mars/MEI/CPI. When a Mars validator is installed, the Rowe stacker is removed. The Mars validator includes a bill box.

If the power supply and board in your changer are in good working condition, a lower cost module can be installed. Module kit products and information can be found HERE.

If the power supply or board in your machine are not in good working condition, then installing a replacement board is the way to go. Replacement control board products and information can be found HERE.

Videos explaining the module and board kits are available on YouTube. Search with key words “Capital Vending Rowe changer” to find our support videos.