Is it beneficial to have a technician assist with parts and repairs?

Some parts require expertise to order and install properly. If your business does not have a technician on staff, then it is important to hire a local technician. They can help order the correct parts needed to make a repair or update equipment. A good technician is well worth the money because they will have the experience to make repairs quickly. When a new part is installed, the machine will likely need to be reprogrammed. When parts are installed in a bill acceptor, the acceptor may require calibration to work.

If a part is recommended and installed by a technician but does not work not work correctly, please have the technician forward the detailed information about the issue. When help is needed, open a service ticket at and attach a copy of the technician’s work order.

If you ordered a part and are not familiar or comfortable installing it, do not attempt to install it. Contact a local technician to assist you.