CREM Circuit

One of the most common questions we receive involves a single price coin changer not accepting any coins in an older style soda machine. When a single price coin changer is installed, the nickel and dime tubes (if applicable) must be filled before many models will accept quarters and bills (if applicable). After installing the changer, insert nickels and then dimes to make the first 6 purchases. If a bill acceptor/validator is installed, no bills will be accepted.

The coin payout switches will function on the changer. On the older beige-colored coin changers models S75xxxx, the lock out coil is not energized. On the gray Coinco models 34xxS, 93xxS, and the Mars models MC58xx, TRC6700 and TRC6800, the red LED behind the acceptor is not lit up.

This occurs if the machine has no product loaded or the CREM circuit has failed. If failure occurs, the most common reason is a dispense solenoid or a vend motor did not return to the home position. In addition, check for any disconnected wiring or a defective harness. If the machine needs a vend relay and it is missing, this would also cause the failure. The CREM circuit in soda machines varies by manufacturer. To best resolve the problem, please review the owner’s manual for your specific make and model of machine.