What research should I do before buying a used dollar bill changer?

Dollar bill changers can easily be updated with kits. This allows many older changers to remain operational. It is important to verify that you can still get parts and service for the machine in its configuration because this effects the value of the changer.

Before purchasing, ask the seller to provide a copy of the owner’s manual and review it to clarify you are comfortable with the equipment. Select a few critical parts from the manual and verify that they are available from at least three parts suppliers. 

If the changer has been updated with an aftermarket kit, contact the company that made the kit to clarify it is still supported.

Ask the seller to provide copies of the written service records so you can verify that the machine was well-maintained. Contact the company that performed the service and maintenance. Confirm they will continue to help you with the service in the future if you do not have a technician. Do not buy a used changer without having a service technician who can assist with repairs and updates when needed.

If the changer is important to your business, you should have spare parts on hand. Some parts may need to be replaced from time to time as they wear. These parts are the bill acceptor, hopper(s), and control board. Having these spare parts on hand will allow your technician to make the repairs faster and will save you money.

It is always a good idea to change the lock on a dollar bill changer to a high security version.