Hiring a Technician

When a vending machine needs repairs or preventive maintenance, having an experienced vending technician available to perform the work is essential. Maintaining a relationship with an experienced vending technician has many benefits. On-location repairs are much faster than requesting by email. This relationship should be established as soon as you buy the machine, rather than when it breaks or needs parts. 

If you are operating a machine from a new vending company, the ideal place to network and find a technician is through your state vending associations/trade organization or NAMA. If you need help contacting your state association, contact nama.org.

If your business (laundromat, hotel, dealership, etc.) operates vending machines, then finding a local vending machine company is a good option because they will not see you as a direct competitor. Some local companies will dispatch one of their technicians to assist with repairs and ordering parts if they are not too busy.

If you are in a remote location or you need tech support while at the machine, clarify the company you work with will offer video call support via FaceTime or WhatsApp.

If you want to view our technicial support services, click HERE.

Other Benefits

When your machines need parts, having the technician order and install them will save you time. Many parts look similar but the technician will able to get the proper parts from the start.

In the event you decide to make upgrades to the machine, such as adding a card reader, LED lighting, or an aftermarket board, the technician you work with will be familiar with the machines and know exactly what is required.