Hire a Technician

The Hire a Technician service is offered on Fridays.  Our goals is to assist operators that have a technician that is currently unable to assist with repairs or locating parts.

This service is offered if all other avenues to fix the machine/locate parts have been exhausted as we have limited resources.  It is always recommended you contact the manufacturer of the machine or distributor that sold the machine to start the repair process. In some cases the manufacturer or distributor that sold you the machine may provide the information you need at no cost.

The below quotes offer an idea of the cost for the services.   Before paying for the service arrangement please email with a detailed description of the help needed. In most cases you will need to provide several pictures of your machine.  If you were advised to select one of the options based upon information already provided then it is okay to check out.  We will contact you by email Friday morning to assist with your project

In the event the service requested is not possible (assumes customer has provided all required information in a timely manner) you will receive a full refund.

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