How do I add a card reader to an older vending machine model?

Adding a card reader to a factory stock vending machine is simple. They were designed to operate with the dumb machine interface (coin changer plug has a 12 or 15 pin plug). The method utilized will depend on your goals and budget.  If you are not familiar with the way vending components operate, it is recommended that you have a local vending technician assist you with the entire process. This allows access to their knowledge and resources.  If you have any questions or want to send photos before ordering, contact Capital’s support staff at

If you want to install a card reader and sell items at different prices, a MDB module kit is a popular method. An advantage of the MDB module kit is that it can be moved between machine models. If you sell the machine, the module can be installed in another machine that is designed to operate with the dumb machine interface. When this method is utilized, both the coin changer and validator in the machine will typically need to be updated to MDB. The maximum vend price is $12.00.

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