What if I am an international customer?

International customers located outside the USA can order from Capital, and save on shipping costs, by using a USA-based forwarding service such as MyUS.comMyMalls.com, etc. (We do not specifically endorse any particular forwarding service, but simply offer the above examples as suggestions). You are free to use any company you are currently using or familiar with. The forwarding service provides you with a U.S. shipping address where your order will be shipped. After it arrives, it will be forwarded on to your actual address outside the USA.

Follow these steps to order through our website using a forwarding service:

  1. Sign up with a forwarding service of your choice before ordering.
  2. Your forwarding service will provide you with a U.S. shipping address.
  3. Order through our site, and checkout using the U.S. shipping address provided by your forwarding service.

NOTE: Capital makes no guarantee that your shipment will arrive trouble-free with a forwarding service. If you choose to use a forwarding service you do so at your own risk. Any issues with receiving your shipment after it has been delivered to the U.S. address of your forwarding service, must be handled between you and the forwarding service. Capital assumes no responsibility for the shipment after it has been delivered to your U.S. address.

We are not responsible for shipments that may be returned to us by your forwarding service as undeliverable/unforwardable. Not all forwarding services serve all non-U.S. countries, so please choose a service that services your country before ordering.

Shipping/handling charges are not refundable, so any shipments that are returned to Capital will be subject to a second shipping/handling charge if Capital has to re-ship your returned order to you. If your order is being refunded, shipping/handling charges will not be refunded as part of the refund payment.

Here are some of the reasons we no longer ship directly outside the U.S.:

  • Increasing international shipping rates
  • Increasing international shipping delays
  • Increasing Customs Service delays
  • Increasing returned international shipments (failure to deliver)
  • Lack of tracking information on many international shipments once they've left the U.S.


Customs Taxes / Tariffs / Fees on Imported Goods:

Items being shipped outside the U.S. may be subject to import taxes, tariffs, and fees, when they enter your country as imported goods. We do not charge for or collect these fees- these fees are collected by your government, customs service, or postal service, when the package is delivered to you, and are based on the U.S. dollar amount of the merchandise you have purchased. Some countries do not charge any fees. Others may charge up to 100% of the value of the goods. Contact your local Post Office or Customs Service for more details.

Only goods (merchandise) are taxable as imported items. Items like shipping/handling charges, labor charges, and deposit charges are not taxable.

We have no control over what your government may charge to import goods from the U.S. into your country, nor can we answer questions about such fees. If you have questions or concerns about import taxes, fees, and tariffs, please contact your local post office or customs service for more info.