Is there a hopper that works with both older and newer American Changer boards?

When we were designing retrofit kits to install American Changer components into Rowe and Standard cabinets, a compact power supply was required in the process. This was accomplished using a remote power supply and small interface board. Several repair techs recommend buying the adapter board and supplies because it is simple to install and it fits both front and rear load changers. The power supply adapters are offered in three versions. The first version is for changers with a power supply board that is mounted below the main board using a 5-pin input. The second version is for the older board with the 4 screw terminals. The third version is to replace the metal switching power supply that is under the board.

Our universal hopper replacement was created upon request from a vending technician that performs on location calls.  He needed a hopper that could be installed in front and rear load changers and could interface with both older and newer boards. This way he would only need to carry one type of hopper in his service van for American Changer service calls.

The hopper we use is the second-generation green stripe hopper that uses CC talk interface for the Universal board. When the hopper needs to be installed in an older changer using a board with the 5 red LED displays, a small interface board attaches to the board. 

When installing, the original hopper plate is removed and the included plate is installed. The harness connects directly to the hopper so it fits both front and rear load changers.