Credit Card Reader Information

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We are able to assist you with the purchase of a credit card / debit card reader.

For those making their first installation, the initial step is researching and applying for a merchant account. It is important you are comfortable with the fees and understand their terms and conditions. An easy to work with and well-established provider is USA Technologies. You may wish to research other service providers as well. The merchant account service provider processes the charges and deposits the funds into your bank account. The monthly fees charged are typically $9.95 per reader and 6% of the transaction.

The location of the equipment with the card reader must be in an area with good cellular reception.

Reader can be mounted as a free standing item or included on the mask of the bill validator. It is faster and easier to use a reader that is included on the mask of the bill validator. If the reader will be installed in a machine that uses the MDB interface and has an existing bill validator the installation should take you less than 30 minutes. The original validator is replaced and the antenna is installed.

If the target machine is not using a MDB interface, the reader can still be installed. There are many possible variables that are defined below.