MDB Module, Harnesses, and Coin Changer Direct - Snack, Food, Coffee, Ice Cream, Soda

These easy-to-install module kits convert a vendor originally configured for a dumb Mech (12 pin or 15 pin - 24v or 115v) to the MDB interface. The original changer is unplugged. A connector from the module is plugged into the now open socket. In some cases, the original validator can be reused. In all cases, a Mars MDB 4 or 5 tube changer must be installed. The MDB components are then connected to the module in this order: credit card reader / bill validator / coin changer. The maximum vend price when using a aftermarket kit is $12.00.

These module kits have been tested with Cantaloupe/USA Tech G10/G11, Nayax Amit, and Nayax Touch readers. They may not work with other models or brands of card readers. They have not been tested with Pay Range.

In some cases, the machine can be updated to MDB by updating the eprom and installing a MDB harness. In some cases, a programming keypad and validator mounting bracket may be required as well.

If you are not experienced installing kits, a local vending technician should be hired to assist with the installation.

Please note: If you are updating to credit card only, then you do not have to replace the coin changer and dollar bill validator. If you want to accept coins and bills, you will need to replace your dollar bill validator and coin changer.

For a link to a YouTube video showing an overview of the module kit, click HERE.