Vending Machines and Dollar Bill Changers

Please call and make an appointment if you would like to come by and see what we have available for sale. Inventory changes and we may have more options available. We are not open to the public so we require an appointment. The phone number is (800) 814-7756 or you can email a request to Thank you.

We have been selling and servicing vending machines for over 20+ years from Laurel, MD.

Capital Vending is proud to list our prices transparently, meaning that you are not required to request a quote or call before purchasing. We believe in a hassle-free upfront pricing policy so you know exactly what you are going to pay.

We offer the best quality commercial equipment. Purchasing high quality equipment is important because it is more reliable, has lower ownership cost, and maintains a higher resale value.

In order to help our customers operate the equipment with ease, we have professional quality instructional videos available. With the purchase of a machine, you will receive a video that covers basic troubleshooting, changing prices, audit features, etc.

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  • Machine Prep:

    Machine is thoroughly cleaned, any damaged parts replaced, fully tested using product and money and setup with pricing, product size, labels, etc.  


    • Simple to fill trays
    • LED display
    • Dollar bill validator
    • Coin changer
    • 32 selections 
    • 72" H x 33.5" W x 35" D 
    • Credit card compatible - MDB
    • 90 day parts warranty, labor not included


    Shipping Instructions:

    We allow customers to make their own shipping arrangements. If you prefer, we can make the arrangements. In order to provide a quote, we need to know your zip code, if it is a residential or commercial address and whether or not you have a loading dock or forklift. Depending on your location, freight could be between $ 250.00 - $ 800.00.  We are located in Maryland.
    Delivery to a location within 100 miles of ZIP code 20707 is $200.00. Machine will be placed inside your location. If machine is delivered locally we will provide a partial refund for $ 300.00.
    • $2099.99